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Mobility leaders focused on 'getting back to basics'

Mark D. Diamond, Air Mobility Command Public Affairs

Mobility leaders focused on 'getting back to basics'
Secretary of the Air Force Michael B. Donley arrives at Scott Air Force Base Oct. 23, 2008. During his visit to Scott AFB, Secretary Donley spoke to Air Mobility Command officer and enlisted leaders during AMC Phoenix Rally. The Fall Rally is a three-day, focused look at the command?s priorities, roles and missions. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Wesley Farnsworth)

10/27/2008 - SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. (AFNS) --

About 80 air mobility leaders gathered for a three-day conference that focused on Air Mobility Command's priorities, roles and missions Oct. 22 through 24 here.

The theme for this year's AMC Phoenix Rally was "Back to Basics: Executing Global Reach Fundamentals."

Gen. Arthur J. Lichte, the AMC commander, told his wing commanders, command chiefs and headquarters directors that the command needs to focus on the basics of AMC's mission.

"This Phoenix Rally is really about one thing: To remind you, AMC's leaders, that we need to focus on getting the job done," General Lichte said. "The Air Force has had some setbacks this past year, and the way to move forward positively is to get back to basics."

It's also important to remember the mission success mobility forces bring every day, he said . The Air Force has been heavily involved in combat, crisis and contingencies around the globe for the past 18 years, and AMC is at the center of the fight.

The general encouraged all mobility Airmen to resist compromising unit and field discipline, amid increased operations tempo.

"Airman cannot take shortcuts," General Lichte said. "Airmen must use checklist discipline, be accountable for their actions, and be the best they can be individually so the team can count on them -- the mobility team needs them. There is only one way to do things ... the right way."

General Lichte also discussed the importance of managing AMC resources.

"We have to be more efficient," the general said. "Resources are precious, and we have to do all we can to manage them correctly."

Presentations during the conference highlighted command efforts in the areas of energy conservation, new energy sources research, waste reduction, idea sharing and ensuring reliability with precision. Presentations covered issues related to operations, manpower and personnel, safety, Airmen development, quality of life initiatives and other topics.

Secretary of the Air Force Michael B. Donley joined the conference to speak with AMC officer and enlisted leaders.

Secretary Donley, who was confirmed Oct. 2 as the 22nd secretary of the Air Force, said he is very impressed with the Airmen of AMC.

"The U.S. has some very impressive capabilities when you put all the pieces together ... and it all starts with Air Mobility Command," Secretary Donley said.

AMC's rapid and precise global mobility mission ensures U.S. warfighters and equipment get to the fight on time, on target and on a moment's notice, he said.

The command's aeromedical evacuation system is getting injured warfighters home faster than ever before, the secretary said. During the Vietnam War, it took about 45 days for casualties to get back home. During Operation Desert Storm, it took 10 days to move wounded patients to the United States. According to AMC reports, it now takes about three days or less to return U.S. warfighters home -- with a better-than 95 percent survival rate.

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