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Military Health Systems Asks For Feedback

S. Ward Casscells, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs

Due to overwhelming response, the deadline for completing these questionnaires has been extended to November 28, 2008.

As Defense Secretary Gates continues to emphasize that caring for the wounded, ill and injured service members and their families is DoDís highest priority, the Military Health System recognizes that a majority of that job is ours. Support for the wounded and their families has been enhanced and improved on a continual basis since OEF/OIF began, yet we know there is still more that can be done. In some locations we hear that things are going very well, in other locations we hear that things need to be improved. Each individual and each family has specific needs, and our goal is always to provide services which meet or exceed the expectation of those we serve.

To help MHS leadership better understand the expectations of wounded, ill or injured service members, and the expectations of their families and friends, I invite you to respond to our new feedback questionnaire for service members and their families and friends. It is a brief, online form that can be completed anonymously.


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