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TRICARE Retiree Dental Benefit Available Overseas


FALLS CHURCH, Va.- September 25, 2008 –

Retired TRICARE beneficiaries living overseas may enroll in the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP). Effective Oct. 1, the Enhanced-Overseas TRDP is available for eligible Uniformed Services retirees and their families.

“For many years, military retirees and their families have requested a dental program overseas,” said Navy Capt. Robert H. Mitton, chief, Dental Care Branch, TRICARE Management Activity. “We at TRICARE are very excited about fulfilling that desire with the new Enhanced-Overseas TRDP.”

Prior to the enhancement, the TRDP was only available to retirees and their families in the United States, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and Canada. The Enhanced-Overseas TRDP now allows retirees worldwide to purchase dental coverage.

Highlights of the benefits available under the Enhanced-Overseas program include: Affordable premiums.

Immediate coverage upon effective enrollment date for all routine, preventive and emergency services, such as cleanings, exams, x-rays, fluoride treatments, fillings, oral surgery, periodontal treatment and root canals. Coverage for implant services, crowns, bridges, dentures and orthodontics after only a 12-month waiting period. Separate dental accident coverage is included.

There is no TRDP dentist network overseas. However, Enhanced-Overseas TRDP enrollees who need to locate a dentist for covered services may call the International SOS Assistance, Inc. (I-SOS) 24-hour referral service toll-free from inside the United States at 800-523-6586 or outside of the United States via collect call to 215-942-8226. Indicate to I-SOS that Delta Dental is your dental coverage carrier. In addition, an online host nation provider list of more than 500 dentists and dental clinics in nearly 50 countries is located on the TRDP Web site. Note that overseas dentists do not offer discounted dental services as do the participating TRDP dentists within the original service areas.

For Enhanced-Overseas TRDP customer service questions, please contact Delta Dental of California via the following international toll-free number: (AT&T USADirect Access Number) + (866) 721-8737.

“Offering the TRDP overseas gives retirees and their families a fantastic opportunity for access to more affordable dental care through a program that has a proven track record,” Mitton said.

For more information about TRDP and Enhanced-Overseas TRDP coverage visit www.trdp.org.

About TRICARE Management Activity and the Military Health System TRICARE Management Activity, the Defense Department activity that administers the health care plan for the uniformed services, retirees and their families, serves more than 9.2 million eligible beneficiaries worldwide in the Military Health System (MHS). The mission of the MHS is to enhance Department of Defense and national security by providing health support for the full range of military operations. The MHS provides quality medical care through a network of providers, military treatment facilities, medical clinics and dental clinics worldwide. For more about the MHS go to www.health.milwww.health.mil.

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