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Support our Military Troops and Their Families

USA Freedom Corps

Hundreds of thousands of men and women from all over America are serving in our armed forces and away from their homes. While they serve our country, those of us “on the homefront” can be making a difference too.

Many Americans are looking for ways to support members of the military and their families. The following are some of the ways you can express your support for our troops, give time and care to their families, and help strengthen their communities.

America Supports You

America Supports You is a Department of Defense program that provides opportunities for citizens to show their support for the US Armed Forces. America Supports You connects individuals, organizations and companies to hundreds of homefront groups offering a variety of support to the military community.

By connecting to a homefront group, citizens can show their support in many ways which include: writing letters and e-mails, sending care packages, offering scholar¬ships and offering assistance to the wounded as they return home. The program also in turn connects military service members and their families with a specific need to an appropriate organization that can assist them.

Their website, www.AmericaSupportsYou.mil, provides a one-stop location for citizens and service members to connect with hundreds organizations eager to help.

Below, find a way to coonect with support organizations that provide the service of interest to you:

Other Ways to Show Support for the U.S. Military

Help for Troops

  • Through Operation Dear Abby, send e-mail messages to deployed troops of any Service from your home state.
  • Through Operation Uplink, contribute to the purchase of phone cards that will be distributed to military personnel and hospitalized veterans.

Help for Families

  • Offer your time and resources as an individual, organization, or business to give families of deployed troops help with activities such as household repairs, spring cleanings, and yard work or specialized skills such as financial planning or legal advice. Volunteer by contacting a local chapter of any of the following organizations: American Legion, American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, BPO Elks of the USA, Camp Fire USA, National 4-H Headquarters, National Fraternal Congress of America, Rebuilding Together, The Salvation Army, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Volunteer Center National Network, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and YMCA of the USA.
  • Volunteer with one of the youth serving organizations helping to tutor or take care of children while a parent or caregiver is stationed away from home. Some of these organizations include the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Camp Fire USA, National 4-H Headquarters,/a>, and YMCA of the USA.
  • If you want to donate money, there are many organizations that help military families. Each of the branches of the armed services has a military relief society that offer low interest loans and other emergency financial assistance to military families: Army Emergency Relief, Navy/Marine Relief Society, Air Force Aid Society and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance.

Help for Educators

  • Teachers can find new resources on the U.S. Department of Education web site meant to help them work with students with a parent or other relative deployed in the military. The web site also offers information on effectively working with students generally who may have questions or ideas about war.

Help for Others

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