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Navy Europe-Africa Rolls Out 2009 Guidance

Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Africa Public Affairs

NAPLES, Italy –

Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Commander U.S. Naval Forces Africa Adm. Mark Fitzgerald began rolling out his 2009 Operational Objectives this week.

In an all hands e-mail outlining his guidance for the New Year, Fitzgerald reestablished his continuing guiding principles and goals for U.S. naval forces in Europe and Africa. The objectives are designed to help both military and civilian personnel focus on key goals as they support operations in the coming year, including the next large-scale Africa Partnership Station mission beginning later this month.

“Last year, we achieved what we set out to do in building maritime partnerships,” said Adm. Mark Fitzgerald. “Africa Partnership Station was proof of our commitment to improve maritime safety and security."

Improving on efforts from years past by U.S. naval forces in Europe and Africa will be the focus throughout 2009 in everything from day-to-day practices to preparations for future challenges. U.S. Sixth Fleet will re-certify as a Joint Forces Maritime Component Command in late April aboard USS Mount Whitney to maintain a staff ready to respond to any crisis or conflict.

The objectives also focus on people since overseas assignments can offer both fulfilling and challenging experiences for Sailors. Taking care of service members and their families continues to be an important goal for the command just as it was in 2008.

"We have worked hard to promote an enriching overseas experience for our families and our workforce through quality of life programs,” said Fitzgerald. “Now, we need to continue perfecting that effort.”

The official NAVEUR-NAVAF objectives for 2009 have been condensed into five total areas of focus, including:

  • Be prepared for any contingency
  • Improve maritime safety and security in Europe and Africa
  • Provide exceptional stewardship to our workforce and families
  • Advance the art and science of maritime, joint and alliance operations
  • Support European Command, Africa Command and other Navy Component Commanders

“Our vision is to achieve excellence in everything we do,” said Fitzgerald. “It is paramount that we continue building partnerships and advancing partner nations’ self-sufficiency, communicating effectively, and managing operational risk while maintaining the highest of standards. The only way we can do that is to add to the already creative, diverse, professional and motivated team of professionals we have here.”

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