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K12: An Education that Travels with You

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As a military family, the Abbotts have made sacrifices, but thanks to K12 their children's education has never been one of them.

One week after 9/11, Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Abbott of the Georgia Army National Guard kissed his wife and two young children goodbye and boarded a flight to Egypt. He soon found out his next stop would be eight weeks of training in Atlanta, followed by a six-month tour of duty in Afghanistan.

The family knew that to spend any time together over the next 11 months, they would have to move to Atlanta. Had the Abbott kids (Brittany, then 7, and Taylor, then 5) attended a traditional brick-and-mortar school, uprooting them and moving to Atlanta for eight weeks would have been impossible. So, they were taught at home by their mom.

When Mrs. Abbott first began homeschooling, she tried a variety of curriculums. None of them offered the high learning standards, engaging content, and ease-of-use she was looking for—until she found K12.

K12's lessons for grades K-8 are designed from the outset with online delivery in mind, and are combined with quality offline materials—like books, art supplies and science equipment—that make learning come alive for kids. And the Abbotts can access the K12 curriculum from anywhere an Internet connection can be found. "The K12 curriculum is the Cadillac of [online] curriculums," says Mrs. Abbott.

K12's online lessons give parents a full-time or part-time learning solution for their children. The K12 curriculum is also available tuition-free to students in grades K-12 full-time via online public schools around the country, as well as both full- and part-time through the private K¹² International Academy, which is available worldwide.

Learning with K12 fits the Abbotts’ lifestyle perfectly. Lieutenant Colonel Abbott has spent the past year in Virginia Beach completing course work for the US Army War College. Rather than living apart for a full year, the Abbotts were again able to move as a family. And once again school—in the form of the K12 curriculum—was able to move with them. As Mrs. Abbott explains, "The K12 curriculum provides stability in our lives."

As the Abbotts know, being a military family comes with sacrifices—from long periods of time with a parent overseas to frequent uprooting and starting anew. But, they have never had to worry about sacrificing their children's education - they have that covered with K12.

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About K12

K¹² is the nation’s largest online learning curriculum provider for Kindergarden through 12th grade students. Their online curriculum is widely regarded as the highest quality available.

For more information about K¹² and online learning, please visit www.k12.com/mil.

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