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Photos of The Week: The Military Family Network at The Inaugural

Luis Trevino, MFN Staff

Washington D.C.,1-20-2009

Megan Turak, Executive Vice President, and Luis Trevino, Vice President of Media and Marketing, braved the cold along with an estimated 1.8 million people to witness the Inauguration of President–elect Barak Obama.

While the view from The Capitol steps was breath-taking and spectacular, Megan and Luis believe they had some of the best seats on the lawn. “We were in front of the Washington monument facing the jumbo-tron on the right,” said Megan Turak. “It was 28 degrees, but with all the people and excitement we barely felt the cold."

These are just some of the people we saw that day, and as you can see, the Mall was filled with all individuals from all walks of life, or better said, the Mall was full of Americans.

Young America Huddled in Hope: A group of students hunker down against the cold in anticipation of President-Elect Obama's swearing in ceremony near the Washington Monument.  Photo: Luis Trevino, The Military Family Network

On Inaugural Day at the Washington Monument, Specialist McFarland: Army Strong, Gets a Jump Start on Commander in Chief Obama's Plan to Rebuild America's Infrastructure.  Photo: Luis Trevino, The Military Family Network

A Family that Flocks Together : Family and freinds pile up to get warm around 9:00 A.M. at the Mall.  Photo: Luis Trevino, The Military Family Network Standing Room Only: With the crowds so massive many people were sitting on the porta-johns to get a better view of the events.  Photo: Luis Trevino, The Military Family Network

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