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From Field to Nuptials During Training at Guard Site

Sgt. Brad Staggs, Camp Atterbury Public Affairs

Maj. Mark Woodsmall and his new bride, Beth, greet their wedding guests for the first time as husband and wife. The couple was married early April in the chapel at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Butlerville, Ind. Woodsmall was attending weekend training with the 38th Infantry Division's Special Troops Battalion in preparation for deployment to Afghanistan.

BUTLERVILLE, Ind. –04.22.2009

She said I do... He said I do... The minister pronounced them man and wife... then the groom picked up his rifle and went back to training.

It wasn't so much a shotgun wedding as a wedding with a lot of M-4 rifles as Maj. Mark Alan Woodsmall married his fiancée, Beth Fites, in a ceremony at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center chapel. Woodsmall was at Muscatatuck with the 38th Infantry Division Special Troops Battalion training for their coming deployment to Afghanistan.

"My fiancée's oldest son is in the Navy and he's home on leave right now," Woodsmall said. "He leaves for deployment soon... So this is the last chance before his deployment and before my deployment in order for us to execute a marriage."

On Saturday afternoon, the bride and groom along with their close family gathered in the chapel along with about 30 military witnesses. The couple exchanged vows as 38th ID Chaplain Maj. Donald Medza performed the ceremony.

The couple kissed each other and shook hands with all of the attendees, but the honeymoon would have to wait. Woodsmall was due back in the field. The first marriage in the chapel since the facility was turned over to the National Guard was a success.

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