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Patriotism Runs Deep in Tennesee Valley

Spc. Charles Iavarone, Multi-National Division Baghdad

Spc. Vincente Oliver (left) and his father, Sgt. Thomas Krumpfer (right), both assigned to 267th Military Police Company, 93rd MP Battalion, 8th MP Brigade, Multi-National Division - Baghdad, stand in front of their brigade's headquarters on Camp Liberty, Iraq, June 2. The Cumberland City, Tenn. natives deployed with the Dickson, Tenn., based 267th MP Co. earlier this year.  Spc. Charles Iavarone

BAGHDAD - 06.03.2009

Soldiers will often say that the greatest bond that two people can have is going to combat together. What happens when those two people have already built a strong bond and are father and son?

That is the situation for two military police Soldiers assigned to the 267th Military Police Company, 93rd MP Battalion, 8th MP "Watchdog" Brigade, Multi-National Division—Baghdad. Sgt. Thomas Krumpfer and his son, Spc. Vincente Oliver, both natives of Cumberland City, Tenn., deployed to Iraq earlier this year.

Oliver, a driver with the 267th MP Co., said his first desire to serve his country came when he was in high school.

"After seeing the events on 9/11 unfold," said Oliver. "I was asked by a teacher what my future plans were, I said it was the military. That prompted my teacher to suggest the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program at the high school."

"It was a shock to both of them; my mother and my father," he added.

Their family is glad that the two of them are together so that they can look out for each other. Oliver is planning on attending college upon return to the United States to study for a career in law enforcement.

Krumpfer, a 15-year veteran of the Army, began his career in air defense artillery, however, he is currently serving as a military police team leader in support of the 8th MP Bde. Police Transition Team and joined with a desire to serve his country.

Growing up in New York City, he said that the attacks on 9/11 reaffirmed his commitment to serve. "I watched those towers go up" he said regarding the attack.

Krumpher and Oliver have always had a close bond, and have done many projects and activities together including Boy Scouts and Oliver's Eagle Scout Project.

Krumpfer, a semi-truck driver outside of the Army, travels the country often and has always found time to spend with his family. Seeing the opportunity to deploy together, the father son duo even attended military police school together.

That bond has remained intact while here in Iraq. They get to see each other daily and often times will share a meal, or just relax in the company area together. For father's day, the pair will spend it together. They will both be home on leave.

"We have each other to lean on," Krumpfer said, regarding their relationship. While describing their deployment experience he said it is the "coolest thing I have ever done."

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