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Army Plans $426 Million in Army National Guard Construction in 2010

Staff Sgt. Jim Greenhill, National Guard Bureau

WASHINGTON - 06.04.2009

The Army plans to spend more than $426 million on Army National Guard military construction in the 2010 fiscal year, a senior Army official told lawmakers today.

Joseph Calcara, deputy assistant secretary of the Army, detailed for members of the Readiness Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee in written testimony how that money would be spent.

Transformation: $158 million for three aviation projects to provide facilities for modernized aircraft and changed unit structure, for two readiness centers and for a maintenance facility.

Mission and Training: $154 million for two training facilities, six range projects and two readiness/armed forces reserve centers.

Grow the Army: $80 million for five readiness centers expected to improve the Army National Guard's ability to deal with continued high levels of deployment.

Other: $24 million to plan and design future projects and $10 million set aside for unforeseen critical needs.

The Army is undergoing its largest organizational change since World War II, Calcara said. It has been transforming to a brigade-centric modular force, and that force is growing.

Current goals call for an active component of 547,400, a 358,200-strong Army National Guard and 206,000 in the Army Reserve, for a total of more than 1.1 million troops, Calcara said.

The Army National Guard's $426 million is part of the Army's $10.4 billion appropriation request for military construction.

That's a conservative estimate of the National Guard's share because the Guard is also affected by other areas of the military construction budget, such as money set aside for base realignment and closure (BRAC) or for overseas contingency operations.

BRAC 2005, which is still being implemented, included the closure of 387 National Guard readiness and Army Reserve centers, for example.

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