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Career Fair offers employment opportunities

Sgt. Alvaro Aro , Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton


Job fairs are a popular method of conducting entry-level recruiting and initial screening by companies across the country.

A Hiring Heroes Career Fair is scheduled at the Camp Pendleton South Mesa Club, July 23.

The event is catered to wounded service members, spouses and primary caregivers and will be attended by of more than sixty federal agencies and private business recruiters.

Career fairs offer a chance for employers to interview candidates under their own terms. Simple meet and greets are considered real interviews in which the candidates are evaluated, whether it is just for thirty seconds or thirty minutes.

Potential employees need to be at their very best while keeping a very aggressive, yet structured approach during the event, according to the Quintessential Careers Web site.

A great strategy for landing a job at a career fair is to obtain a list of organizations attending the event. This list will help the candidate identify prospective employers that most interest the applicant.

After identifying potential employers, the candidate has the opportunity to learn key facts about each of them so that they can showcase their knowledge to the recruiters.

Factors such as the economy and technology are forever changing, however, the selection criteria has stayed the same.

Candidates are still selected by some basic fundamentals, such as appearance, communication skills, and first impressions.

For more information, contact Arthur Coleman, Department of Defense Human Resources Specialist at (703) 507-5124.

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