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An Artist in Our Midst

Cpl. Aaron Scheer, 1st Medical Brigade

Pfc. Chaney stands next to her 3 paintings that are proudly displayed as one enters the Task Force 1st Medical Brigade Headquarters. Capt. George Mallory

August 26.2007

Pfc. Tiffany Chaney, from Greensboro, N.C., has been drawing since she was a little girl.

A communication specialist by trade, she currently works in the Communications section of 1st Medical Brigade as a Help Desk Technician resolving computer issues for the soldiers in the unit.

When the unit first arrived at Camp Buehring, Kuwait, the word went out soliciting anyone with artistic talent to paint a mural on one of the concrete "Jersey" barriers seen throughout the camp. Chaney seized the opportunity and volunteered her skills to help design the mural and to take the lead to draw and paint with the help of several other soldiers.

The work was done almost exclusively at night due to the extreme heat. The resultant mural turned out to be quite a sight - taking about 36 hours to complete. Many others units have murals placed throughout the camp but this one out does them all and stands as a proud testament to the soldiers of Task Force 1st Medical Brigade.

Once the headquarters arrived and settled in to their new home at Camp Victory Base, Iraq, Chaney was once again called on to paint a mural on a T-Wall standing at the entrance to the Task Force 1st Medical Brigade Headquarters. She outdid herself by creating an equally excellent piece of art that catches the eye and welcomes those coming into the headquarters building. Working long hours through the night, using only what paint and brushes that could be procured from local vendors, and relying on raw talent, she painted a masterpiece.

Her talents were further called on to help spruce up the inside of the headquarters as well as she jokingly painted the entrance door to the main briefing room, referred to as "The Dungeon", to depict a medieval castle door complete with chains.

Her latest work is a re-creation of her mural from Kuwait, done on three separate canvasses, which adorn the main hallway of the brigade headquarters, a crowning achievement. During a recent visit, Brig. Gen. Heidi Brown, Deputy commanding general for Sustainment for Multinational Corps-Iraq, viewed the mural and presented Chaney with a command coin as a sign of appreciation while also saying, "You have a great talent".

In her spare time, Chaney enjoys graphic design and hopes to complete a degree in this field, eventually pursuing a career in Corporate Graphics Design. Her murals at Camp Beuhring, Kuwait, and at Camp Victory, Iraq, as well as her paintings in the headquarters, serve as a testament to her outstanding abilities and virtuoso and go to show that you never know where the talent lies.

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