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Military Mom Interviews Son's Reggae-Rock Band

Robin Braoway, MFN News Contributor

SFC Robin Broadway and her husband Rick Elliot enjoying a good time out.  Photo By Robin Broadway

MFN News - 09-03-2009

SFC Robin Broadway, the NCOIC of the Family Programs Office for USAR 63RD RRC, has been in the military for over twenty years and during this time, has had multiple accomplishments as a proud Army soldier. Recently, however, she told MFN:

“I am very proud of my military career, but more importantly I am the proudest of my family. I have a wonderful husband who is a musician and produces his own music. I have a very talented nineteen year old son, Keith, who is in a reggae rock band called Llama Lipstick. He and his band mates have been together for about two years. I help them in any way I can as it makes for a lot of fun and gives us a very cool family connection.”

For Robin, part of that fun was taking the opportunity to interview her son and his band mates between sets at a local gig.

Llama Lipstick Logo, used by permission

Mom: How was Llama lipstick born?

The Band: Llama Lipstick was born when rock n' roll was born.

Some of our songs are about Peace and Love, some are helping to create a greener planet.

Mom: Who are the band members?

The Band: It just had not come to be until Jimmy, Keith, Leon, and the Love brothers "Johnny Rasta and Lit Sev" made their way to each other to make it happen. Some people say that Jimmy should have been born in the 60's.

His beliefs, his style of music, and his all out love for the arts proves that.

Don't think that his sound is strictly 60's rock.

No no.... his sound is all over the place.

Keith is a redneck gone hippie. When he is not in deep thought he is always messing around on his many guitars dropping those fat baselines' straight on Long Beach!

Leon, whose guitar methods are just amazing, came in the picture when he moved from Big Bear to Huntington Beach. With skills to pay the bills this eerie Lion rips that shit up any chance he gets!

Johnny Rasta (John Love) and Lit Sev (Chris Love) have been rocking L.B.'s bell for years with projects like Suicidal Soldiers and The STxLL xLL Crew. With their dub style lyrics and there fearless "Positive Mental Attitude" the Love brothers are a force to be reckoned with!

Llama Lipstick has been playing since 2007. They've gone through their ups and downs and have proved that they'll always stand strong.

Mom: What is the future of the band?

The Band: With a mission to play good music and represent Long Beach CA to the fullest, there is NO stopping them! ha ha We are in the studio this month cutting our first CD..

Mom: What are the band’s influences?

The Band: Keith says "my Mom" and our family has been a big supporter of me.

Also I have been playing since I was about 10years old when my mom bought me my first guitar. My step father has been a great support as well, so, with the whole family involved we are doing great for a new start up band.

Our musical influences are Bob Marley, Zig Zag Man, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, 311, Janes Addiction, Sublime, Stone Temple Pilots, and anyone doing their own thing and loving it.

Mom: Sounds like some ‘Feel Good Music.’

The Band: Thank you very much.

Mom: What do you think about soldiers listening to your music over in the war?

The Band: We would love to have our music playing over there with all the troops. We are sure that the 18 to 30 year old crowd would love our music and could also relate to our songs.

Maybe someday we can tour with the USO and play live for them.

Mom: Where can people find your music?

The Band: We have several areas where folks can listen to us. One is our myspace page at www.myspace.com/llamalipstick or you can see us playing live on youtube.

If you live or visit Southern Cal you can catch us playing around the LA area.

Mom: In closing, what would you like to tell all the military and their families?

The Band: Rock ON, Peace be with everyone, and hope you all like our Reggae Rock sound. Take care and return home safe. And, most of all, thank you for what you are doing for our country.

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