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A POW/MIA Day for Greensburg Pennsylvania

Dorothy Benyacko Carbisiero, 14TH Quartermaster Company

14TH Quartermaster Company, Family Readiness Group - September 10-2009

A POW/MIA Day vigil will be held at the Greensburg Army Reserve Center in Greensburg, PA (located across from Greensburg Central Catholic High School on Armory Drive) on Friday, 18 September, from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Throughout the day, There will be:

  • guest speakers
  • A candle lighting ceremony
  • A "Missing Man Table & Honors ceremony"
  • A prayer for the POW/MIAs will be performed
  • Information related to POW/MIAs.
  • Light refreshments will be available at the center throughout the day.

We are also hoping to get a supply of yellow ribbons to distribute to those in attendance. The vigil is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC & you are all cordially invited to attend and please bring a friend or two....heck, bring the whole family! You can spend a few minutes, an hour or spend the day...whatever is convenient for you.

The Greensburg Army Reserve Center looks forward to seeing everyone there.

Dorothy Benyacko Carbisiero is the Readiness Group Leader for the 14TH Quartermaster POW/MIAs event and if anyone needs more information she can be reached at 724-834-1235 X1005 or emailed at dorothy.benyackocarbisiero@us.army.mil.

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