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When The Party is Over-A Commentary

Luis Trevino, MFN Staff

Photo by Luis Trevino, Used by Permission

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania -09-27-2009

Pittsburghers waited for the G20 party only to find they were not really invited. To Pittsburghers, the G20 summit was like being invited to a party, but only allowed to look through the window at all the fun that everyone else was having. And even though the G20 was convened to slog through a lot of tough issues and that most were here to work, it still looked like fun.

While the G20 party came and went without a hitch and despite the lack of invitations to so many of us, Pittsburghers still felt honored and proud to have such distinguished global leaders and dignitaries visit their hometown. The G20 summit showed the world that Pittsburgh is a well preserved city with a small town feel where even world leaders can visit and be welcomed.

What is echoing throughout the city’s neighborhoods now is the hope that other organizations will have a better feel about doing business in southwestern Pennsylvania. Perhaps more corporations will want to host conventions downtown. After all, the film industry is already ahead of the curve because they are filming, or starting to film, four productions around the Pittsburgh area.

Photo by Luis Trevino, Used by Permission

Pittsburghers will tell you that their town is a great place to visit and an even better place to live. So, hey G20, thanks for stopping by.

Stay a little longer next time and catch a Pens game.

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