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MFN's Message to Fort Hood

Megan Turak, MFN Staff

PITTSBURGH, PA, November 5, 2009 - Just a few minutes ago, I was on the telephone with a military spouse and friend at Fort Hood in Texas when she abruptly halted our talk because of sirens blaring through her home. After the siren ceased, I heard in the background: “Please move away from all doors and windows. Please turn off all ventilation and seek shelter immediately.”

My friend returned to the phone. “What do you think that this is all about?” she asked calmly. I told her that I didn’t know, but quickly advised her to get off the phone, follow the warning and take care of her family. We ended our call with concern and a promise to talk later.

Moments after the call ended, the Military Family Network learned of the terrible tragedy at Fort Hood. I immediately called my friend and alerted her to the shooting. I urged her to connect with her husband, her friends and others on base and to let me know how MFN might help.

The Military Family Network is deeply saddened and troubled by this news and we offer our sincerest condolences to the military families affected by this catastrophe. We offer our heartfelt thoughts and prayers and we encourage those affected by this horrific event to contact the support services being offered on base, their Chaplain and Gift From Within.org (http://www.giftfromwithin.org/ ) – a nonprofit organization with tremendous support and resources for survivors of trauma and PTSD.

Fort Hood Service Members and Families: we love you.

Megan Turak , Luis Trevino and Darrell Shue

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