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Governor Schwarzenegger Has Breakfast With California Soldiers in Iraq


California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger hugs soldier for photograph during his visit to the California-native 49th Military Police Brigade, Nov. 17.

,b>BAGHDAD, Iraq On Nov. 17, while visiting Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq, California gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger shared breakfast with Soldiers from the 49th Military Police Brigade of Fairfield, Calif. Schwarzenegger visited the troops to show his support and bring attention to the California Guardsmen's service to their nation.

Schwarzenegger previously visited troops on USO-sponsored tours to Bosnia in 2002 and Iraq in 2003.

"He's been wanting to visit the troops for the last few years but hasn't had the opportunity," said Schwarzenegger communications director Matt David. "He thought now would be a good time to make a short trip over there."

Schwarzenegger visited the 49th as the brigade is two months into their deployment to Iraq. Their mission is to direct more than 5,000 service members as they train and develop the professionalism of the Iraqi police. During the deployment, the 49th will build on the training they provided the Iraqi Police during a previous deployment in 2005 to 2006.

In addressing the 49th Soldiers, Schwarzenegger thanked them for their sacrifice: "All of you are doing a tough job. You and your families are sacrificing a lot for our country. America is a great nation because men and women like you have defended America for hundreds of years."

Brigadier General Donald Currier, commander of the 49th Military Police Brigade, commented on how valuable the governor's visit was to his troops' morale. "Time is more important than money, and Gov. Schwarzenegger is always very generous with his time when it comes to our troops," Currier said. "What he shared with our soldiers this morning will go a long way."

Spc. Ferrell Mapp, of Sacramento, expressed his excitement and echoed the sentiments of his commander: "This morning was fantasitic. It's great that he came all the way out here to show us how much he supports us."

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