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Building a Foundation Through Partnership

Capt. Norlan Ulad

Sgt. 1st Class Christopher E. Brown, a medical advisor from Temple, Texas, supervises Shurta (police officers) providing first aid instruction at Zubaidat (1st Company) Border Fort.

JOINT SECURITY STATION CHALAT, Iraq 12.02.2009 As U.S. forces move closer and closer to an Iraq in which there are no American forces to provide assistance, the importance of the lessons they pass on to their Iraqi partners has never been greater.

One such effort, the train-the-trainer program instituted by Border Transition Team Scimitar, has vastly increased the technical and tactical competence of Iraq's 3rd Battalion, 11th Brigade, Department of Border Enforcement officers.

The training allows the DBE to effectively patrol and secure the border between Iran the southern Iraq province of Maysan.

The intent of the program is to develop junior Iraqi leaders and provide a common set of tactics, techniques and procedures that the DBE can use to conduct unilateral law enforcement operations.

BTT Scimitar focuses the training on intelligence operations, detainee search procedures, tactical questioning and other tasks. The Soldiers then certify the battalion-level DBE trainees.

"I'm very impressed with the progression of the DBE Officers," said Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Brown, a medic from Temple, Texas. "Since the beginning of this endeavor, I can clearly see improvements in their abilities."

Now the DBE-certified personnel can train their fellow comrades at the company level.

To further assist with this effort, personnel from "C" Troop, 2nd Squadron, 13th Cavalry Regiment will arrive at the Company Border Forts to ensure DBE personnel are prepared and ready to receive the training.

Company DBE personnel were very receptive during the instruction, and demonstrated a clear understanding of the concepts behind each task.

"C" Troop Soldiers also conduct follow-on training that incorporates practical exercises to replicate real-world scenarios.

"Many of the DBE personnel have seen this kind of training on American television episodes and are excited to learn how to actually apply them," said Spc. Steven Wike, a cavalry scout from El Dorado, Ohio. "This training allows us to differentiate between Hollywood shows and the real world."

The intelligence training improves the battalion's capabilities to teach the DBE to effectively conduct patrolling operations, specifically searching individuals and collecting information from personnel moving throughout the area.

Additionally, in the event of a serious injury or trauma, the DBE will have the required skills to treat the injured.

"I enjoyed training with the DBE," said Wike. "Helping BTT Scimitar reinforce these skills at the company level definitely ensures that they retain what we teach."

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