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New TRICARE Standard Handbook – Get e-Version Now


Falls Church, Va. - January 29, 2010 Hot off the press and filled with helpful tips and information, the newest TRICARE Standard and Extra handbook is now available to all TRICARE Standard beneficiaries.

The 68-page handbook includes information on accessing routine, urgent and emergency care, as well as TRICARE’s prior authorization and referral requirements. Also provided are sections on what’s covered by TRICARE Standard’s health and pharmacy benefits, and how to coordinate TRICARE with other health insurance. Information on claims, appeals, grievances, reporting fraud and abuse and much more can also be found in the new TRICARE Standard handbook.

TRICARE Standard and Extra are available to family members of active duty service members, retired service members and their families and others including those who purchase TRICARE Reserve Select. With TRICARE Standard, beneficiaries manage their own health care and have the freedom to seek care from any TRICARE-authorized provider. TRICARE Extra provides discounted cost-shares for seeking care from network providers.

The “TRICARE Standard Handbook: Your Guide to Using TRICARE Standard and TRICARE Extra” is available now on the TRICARE Smart Site at www.tricare.mil/standardhandbook.

TRICARE Standard beneficiaries can expect to see the annual TRICARE Standard Health Matters newsletter, containing the latest updates and information about their benefits, in their mailbox in March 2010.

Receiving the newsletters from TRICARE is one more reason to keep personal information current in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). Along with address or phone number changes, both active duty and retired beneficiaries should update their DEERS entry with any changes to their families (birth, adoption or death), changes in sponsor status, marriage, divorce, or when they become eligible for Medicare. For more information about DEERS visit www.tricare.mil/deers.

To download, view or print any TRICARE benefit information product on the Web, visit www.tricare.mil/tricaresmart.

TRICARE beneficiaries can make staying current on their health benefits easy by signing up for e-mail updates to have the latest TRICARE news delivered straight to their e-mail inbox. Visit www.tricare.mil/subscriptions to sign up for TRICARE e-mail updates.

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