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United States Vietnam Arts Program: Benefit Concert From Lt. Dan Band

Lt. Dan Band

Photo of Gary fron Lt. Dan Band Website

A Message From Gary Sinise - Marh 25, 2010

Hey this is Gary Sinise. I am asking you to help support Kimo Williams and his United States Vietnam Arts Program.

Specifically, I would like to tell you about their benefit concert on May 7th 2010 at the Hard Rock Café in Chicago, where I will be performing with our Lt. Dan Band at 9:30pm. I support their mission to provide Artistic Tools to current service members and to create arts collaborations between the US and Vietnam.

USVAP has been doing Arts programs in Vietnam since 1999 and I applaud their efforts to make a difference through art. Their recent Artistic Tools program for wounded service members is one that hits close to home. I have been involved with the USO performing all over the world and I know what it means to our troops when we as citizens contribute to their morale and welfare.

Kimo as a Vietnam Veteran also knows the importance of supporting our troops. Through his United States Vietnam Arts Program, as well as the Lt. Dan Band that we formed in 2003, he is making a positive difference in the lives of so many people both in Vietnam in the United States.

Please support USVAP with any donation that you can and I hope to see you May 7th at the Hard Rock Café.

About The Benefit Concert

If you live in Chicago, and you purchase a ticket to this benefit, you are supporting USVAP and their expanded mission to provide "Artistic TOOLS®" to wounded service members from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Through these events USVAP is also bringing visibility to the power of art and how it might bring cathartic inner solace for those Americans who have sacrificed in service to their country. Additionally, USVAP provides opportunities for artists from the US and Vietnam to work collaboratively on artistic projects particularly across cultural boundaries. Since 1998 USVAP has positively brought together new and existing audiences to discover or rediscover the cultural and artistic traditions of both the US and Vietnam countries.

This is a very special concert for Kimo Williams, co-founder of the Lt. Dan Band and founder of USVAP, as he met the "Artistic TOOLS®" recipient PFC Paul Plemmons, at Brook Army Medical Center while he was recovering from injuries sustained during his deployment to Afghanistan. He mentioned to Kimo that he used to own a Gibson guitar and wished he could play again. Kimo immediately recommended him to the USVAP board and Paul will receive a brand new Gibson Guitar during the concert.

USVAP's goal is to raise at least $10,000 to support their year-long program with Artistic Tools®, as well as their arts programs in Vietnam. In June 2010, USVAP will be presenting a concert in Vietnam to bring visibility and support to victims of Agent Orange.

If you are unable to attend the concert, please consider donating to our mission online at usvap.org. There you can donate any amount and find additional information about the May 7th concert including specifics of our silent auction and raffle.

Thank you in advance for your support. Please email admin@usvap.com if you have any questions or comments about the May 7th event.

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