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'Little Mermaid' Hits Fort Hood

Staff Sgt. Shelia L. Sledge, 13th Public Affairs Detachment

Fort Hood, Texas - 04.28.2010 As small children share seats, over 1,000 children and parents pack Howze Theater as it hosts the first free "Little Mermaid" play for military families April 24.

Flyers have been going around for weeks and she read it on a flyer posted by Morale Welfare and Recreation, said Carmen Segalla, the spouse of a 720th Military Police Battalion Soldier, who brought her 4-year-old daughter to the play.

The plays also had audience participation and children danced in the aisles as the play went on.

The play lasted for about two hours.

The show was really age-appropriate and her daughter loves Disney characters, said Segalla as she walks up the aisle to meet the cast members with her daughter. Her daughter even dressed up as Snow White to see the play, she added.

This is the first time the "Little Mermaid" play came to Fort Hood, so it is new for Soldiers and their families.

It helps Soldiers get the military missions off their mind for a minute, said Angela Randazzo, the cast member who played Queen Catherine.

"Most of us rehearsed for the Little Mermaid play for six days," Randazzo stated. We would like to come back to Fort Hood to do more children plays because military families deserve it, she added.

This is their first time on Fort Hood, stated Randazzo. The play gives us a reason to travel all over the country and we love performing for children, she added as her mouth turns into a cheerful grin.

We were asked to perform for Fort Hood through an organization based here, said Randazzo. The company that we work for is based out of Philadelphia, Randazzo stated. The cast members are from all over the U.S., she added.

This is one of the most important plays to us because we can show our appreciation to the military and their families for their hard work and dedication, said Nicole Horton, the cast member that played the Sea Witch.

Hired through an organization on post we feel that it is a privilege to perform for the military child, said Reynaldo de Guzman, the cast member that played Prince Edmond.

All of us come from a military background, said Reynaldo. This is a way for us to give back, he stated with his prince crown still on his head.

No play has ever filled all the seats in a Fort Hood theater.

"The Little Mermaid" play filled the Howze Theater to capacity and even had families standing in the aisles and sitting on the floor to see the play.

The cast for "The Little Mermaid" play consisted of seven cast members. Most of the cast members have done as many as 30 plays all over the country. This was the most important play to the cast members because it gives them a chance to show their appreciation for the military and their families.

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