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Military Family Network and K12 Partner to Bring Free, Fun Activities on U.S. Constitution for Military Kids

Military Family Network

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – May 17, 2011 -- Military Family Network™, a community support network serving America's military families since 1999, and K12, the largest provider of online education in America for grades K through 12, are offering kids fun, free and interactive online activities about the United States Constitution. Through these cool, educational activities, military kids will develop a deeper understanding of our nation's founding principles, our rights and freedoms, as well as America's ideals.

The Constitution activities present short educational modules stocked full of interactive features using audio, pictures, puzzles, matching games and scavenger hunts. There are six levels, tailored for all ages: K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, and 10-12. The activities can be accessed online at k12.com/constitution.

Parents, teachers and other adults are encouraged to do the exercises with children. The modules supply ideas and talking points to help guide and stimulate discussions while referencing other resources for those interested in delving deeper into the history of the Constitution.

Military Family Network™ and K12 believe that learning about the Constitution will help military children bond more deeply with their military parent(s) by increasing pride and respect for their military service.

The activities will also let military children know that they matter, too. As these children grow in awareness about their role and service to America's freedom, their self-respect and self-esteem will increase.

And, the activities can also show military children how military families are intricately woven into a noble vocation of service to our nation. Through this understanding, military children will have a greater connection to the military community.

It is widely known in the military community that military life for children can mean spending long periods away from parents or caregivers, moving frequently or undergoing a lot of changes like schools and friends. Learning about the U.S. Constitution can place the challenges faced by these youngest members of the nation’s military community in a different light.

“This broader perspective can help increase children’s resiliency by giving them a place in their family’s military service while recognizing their individual contribution,” said Megan Turak, Executive Vice President of Military Family Network™.

By having a better understanding of the part they play in America and what this means in daily life, military children will also be better equipped to respond to inquiries from peers about their family's military service.

While Military Family Network™ and K12 have collaborated before on activities and events supporting military families, this is the first time that they have offered the U.S. Constitution activities.

“We wanted to do something meaningful and lasting,” said Ellen Promisloff, K12 Director, Marketing.

Military Family Network™ and K12 are excited to bring these dynamic, activities about our nation’s Constitution to military kids everywhere.

For more information about Military Family Network™ or the U.S. Constitution activities, contact Megan Turak, Executive Vice President or call 412-531-1970.

For information about K12 or its online education programs and curriculum, contact Ellen Promisloff, Director, Marketing or call 703-483-7201 .

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