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Toxics Release Inventory National Analysis

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - December 13, 2012 Our economy produces goods that we depend on in our daily lives -- like pharmaceuticals, clothing, and automobiles.

Toxic chemicals are used during the production of those goods and are disposed of when they are no longer useful. It's your right to know what chemicals are being used in your community, where and how they are being disposed of, or whether their use is increasing or decreasing over time.

But it's your right to know where these releases are occurring, what chemicals are being released, or whether they are increasing or decreasing over time. Each year EPA analyzes toxic chemical releases to air, water and land, reported from facilities across the United States. EPA's interpretation of the data is a report called the Toxics Release Inventory National Analysis.

The TRI National Analysis is available on the web and it's updated annually. It's there for you, whether you use it to conduct academic research, to inform policy decisions, or to empower a community, a company or an industry with information about toxic chemical releases.

The national analysis is easy to find, easy to use, and easy to cite. It's a starting point to learn about toxic releases, because it's your right to know.

For more information about the TRI National Analysis, go to NationalAnalysis

For more about EPA: Visit epa.gov

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