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Hello Friends, Neighbors and Associates,

For all of us in the military community, change is an anticipated and normal way of life. We relocate, change jobs, experience new communities, and make new friends but always, we move forward with strength, commitment to the mission and unyielding success.

So, too, does The Military Family Network. This past month, The Military Family Network experienced a change to its leadership team with the resignation of Caroline Peabody. As members of the military community, we know that with every closing, every "good-bye" there is also an opening and an opportunity to say "hello". We welcome the opportunity to greet you!

Fellow co-founders Luis Trevino, Darrell Shue and I look forward to carrying on the Military Family Network's fine tradition of serving our Military Service Members, our Veterans, their Families, our Communities, and our Nation. You may reach us by calling 1-866-205-2850 or by sending us an email at

The Military Family Network is passionate about its work connecting military service members, veterans and their families to their communities. We are confident and excited about our future together with you!

" Making the World a Home for Military Families,"

Megan Turak, Luis Trevino and Darrell Shue
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News You Can Use

Free Respite Care for Families Enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program
Source: My Army Life Too

Using Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) funds, the Army has established a new program through their Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) offices to provide up to forty hours a month of free respite care for registered EFMP children who meet eligibility requirements. Eligibility for this program is based on EFMP enrollment, the exceptional Family member's medical or educational condition and deployment needs. At this time the program is for active duty Army Families enrolled in the EFMP only. For more information on the Army EFMP, visit: Army Knowledge Online (

TRICARE Reserve Select Being Restructured October 1st

At a recent briefing by the Health Affairs TRICARE Management Activity office, it was announced that TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) will be restructured later this year. TRS is the premium-based TRICARE health plan that can be purchased by qualified National Guard and Reserve members. The plan offers comprehensive health coverage similar to TRICARE's Standard and Extra. TRS members and their covered Family members may access care from any TRICARE-authorized provider, hospital or pharmacy, as well as from military clinics or hospitals on a space-available basis.

The National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 2007 mandated the elimination of the complicated three-tier system. Starting October 1, 2007, all qualified members will pay the same premium rates. The Department of Defense (DoD) will be sending out letters in August advising current beneficiaries of the upcoming change and providing details on the requirement for re-enrolling in the new program. For the time being, TRS will continue under the current tier system through September 30, 2007. For information on TRS and TRICARE, visit

National Suicide Prevention Week, September 9-15

Healthy Choices: Help Is Only a Phone Call or Mouse Click Away

FALLS CHURCH, Va. -- For service members, life's challenges are often compounded by the warrior "tough it out" mentality making it difficult for some to seek help. Getting help is not a sign of weakness; in fact, it is a first step on the road to recovery.

The burdens and crises that lead some to consider suicide do not follow simple patterns. Yet, whatever the reason, when suicidal behaviors are detected early, lives can be saved.
National Suicide Prevention Week, September 9-15, acknowledges the efforts of all who are working to prevent suicide and raises awareness about suicide and suicidal behaviors.

What are the known risk factors?

Someone considering suicide may exhibit reduced work performance, neglect duties or responsibilities, begin to have poor work attendance or experience feelings of hopelessness. He or she may lose interest in personal appearance or increase alcohol or drug use. If you notice someone start to give away his or her possessions or make unusual purchases such as guns, ropes or pills, be aware that this person may be at risk. Someone at risk may even share intentions by saying things like, "I wish I were dead;" "I'm not the person I used to be;" or "You won't be seeing me around anymore."

What do you do if you suspect someone is at risk?
Social support is important. Those who enjoy close relationships cope better with various stresses. Reach out and talk to people who seem distressed. Offer to listen -- don't be judgmental or minimize the pain felt. There are places available that will provide assistance.

The Defense of Department offers free online and telephone mental health self-assessments. Voluntary and completely anonymous, the Mental Health Self-Assessment Program is a mental health and alcohol self-assessment for service members and their families. It's offered online at and via telephone 24 hours per day, seven days per week at 1-877-877-3647, as well as through local in-person events. Once completed, the self-assessment gives information on where users may go for a full evaluation.

Another valuable resource is Military OneSource, a 24-hour, seven-days-per-week, toll-free information and referral service for active duty service members, National Guard and Reserve members, deployed civilians and family members. A Military OneSource consultant may refer service members or eligible family members to licensed professional counselors in the local community for six sessions per problem at no cost to the service member or their family member in the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Face-to-face counseling confidentially addresses short-term issues such as dealing with relationships, grief and loss, adjustment to deployment, stress management and parenting.

For more information, please contact Military OneSource by using the following information:
Web site:
Phone: Stateside (toll free): 800-342-9647
Overseas (toll free): access code + 800-3429-6477
Overseas (collect): access code + 484-530-5908

TRICARE offers behavioral health care coverage for medically necessary services. To save money, beneficiaries should seek behavioral health care from a military treatment facility, when available, or from a TRICARE network provider. Beneficiaries should consult with their primary care managers or a mental health specialist about treatment options and associated requirements.

For additional information about covered and non-covered behavioral health care services, beneficiaries should consult the handbook for their TRICARE program option, access the TRICARE Behavioral Health Benefits Pamphlet through or contact their regional contractor at

About TRICARE Management Activity
TRICARE Management Activity, the Defense Department agency that administers the health care plan for the uniformed services, retirees and their families, serves more than 9.1 million eligible beneficiaries worldwide.

Shingles Vaccine Available to VA Patients
Source: Department of Veterans Affairs

A vaccine for shingles, which Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) researchers helped develop, is available to veterans who are patients at VA medical facilities nationwide.

"Shingles can seriously degrade the quality of life for those who suffer from this disease," said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson. "Offering this vaccine to our patients is further evidence of VA's commitment to provide world-class health care to America's veterans.

"VA will continue research that leads to real-life solutions like the distribution of this shingles vaccine for patients at VA facilities across the country," Nicholson added.

VA physicians will offer the vaccine to patients with appropriate medical conditions, usually those who are 60 years of age or older and have healthy immune systems. A single dose of the vaccine offers protection against shingles, which is scientifically named Herpes Zoster.

VA researchers and patients from across the country participated in studies which led to the vaccine's approval by the Food and Drug Administration. The vaccine is available immediately to those who are recommended for the treatment.

Remember Your Service Member with a Presidential Memorial Certificate
Source: Department of Veterans Affairs

A Presidential Memorial Certificate (PMC) is an engraved paper certificate signed by the current President to honor the memory of honorably discharged deceased veterans.

This program was initiated in March 1962 by President John F. Kennedy and has been continued by all subsequent Presidents. Statutory authority for the program is Section 112, Title 38, of the United States Code.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) administers the PMC program by preparing the certificates that bear the current President's signature expressing the country's grateful recognition of the veteran's service in the United States Armed Forces.

Eligible recipients include the next of kin and loved ones of honorably discharged deceased veterans. More than one certificate may be provided.

Eligible recipients, or someone acting on their behalf, may apply for a PMC in person at any VA regional office or by U.S. mail or toll-free fax. Requests cannot be sent via email. Please be sure to enclose a copy of the veteran's discharge and death certificate to verify eligibility, as we cannot process any request without proof of honorable military service. Please submit copies only, as we will not return original documents.

If you would like to apply for a Presidential Memorial Certificate, or if you requested one more than eight (8) weeks ago and have not received it yet, we ask that you complete the application and submit it to us.

VA Form 40-0247 Application for Presidential Memorial Certificate (pdf file)

Did You Know...?

Speaking of Presidential Recognitions...How about sending a Greeting from the White House to someone you love? President and Mrs. Bush will send a greeting for special occasions like the birth of a baby, a wedding or a birthday or anniversary. Some restrictions apply so check out the requirements by visiting Enjoy the look on your loved one's face when they open their letter from the President!

Online Gambling is Illegal
Source: Federal Citizen Information Center

Gambling is for Las Vegas or Atlantic City, not your computer. Did you know that online gambling is illegal in the U.S?

This means:

- No placing cyber bets on sporting events or in virtual card games;
- No transferring money electronically for gambling; and
- No wagers in offshore Internet casinos if you live in the U.S.

It's also illegal for businesses to run gambling websites and to solicit online bets. Even companies handling transactions for cyberspace bettors can face federal charges.

What's allowed? Some free online games, fantasy leagues, and Indian gaming sites that aren't strictly defined as Internet gambling.

For more information, check out the FBI's Online Gambling news release.

Controlling Your Personal Information within Your Reach
Reference: Eileen Ambrose, Daily Press, September 2, 2007 and World Privacy Forum.

You've already been alerted to many suggestions on how to protect your personal information like shredding credit card offers that you may receive or shielding the entry of your personal identification numbers (PIN) from the watchful eyes of strangers. But, did you know that you could also stop irritating telemarketers from pestering you and credit bureaus from sharing information about you to companies wanting your business? You'll never be able to eliminate all of the junk headed your way, but you can take several simple actions to deter a lot of it. Here's how:

- Contact the National Do Not Call Registry to reduce the number of telemarketers contacting you.
- Contact the Credit Bureaus to opt-out of many prescreened credit card and insurance offers as well as mortgage companies. Opting-out is different from putting a freeze on your credit report, which keeps companies from accessing your credit history, and may include a fee. Keep in mind that you may actually prefer to use a freeze if you are deploying and will not be needing access to your credit history for any personal business like car or home purchases and are concerned about identity theft.
- Read those Privacy Statements that you receive from companies doing business with you. Often they provide instructions for limiting the way that they use your personal data.
- Protect your children by requesting a 'Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act' form from their school.
- Contact the Direct Marketing Association to remove yourself from catalog and circular mailing lists and you can opt-out of commercial email through their Email Preference Service.
- Look for step-by-step instructions on how to take control of your personal information by visiting the World Privacy Forum at

September Means Back-to-School!

And not just for your kids! The U.S. Department of Education and the Department of Defense have teamed up to help eligible military personnel and military spouses obtain teaching careers in public schools across the nation. The programs work to provide step-by step guidance to educational degrees and certification, financial aid, scholarships and job placement to eligible individuals. Visit the Troops to Teachers program or the Spouses to Teachers program for more information and eligibility requirements.

Helping Your Child Succeed in School
Source: Federal Citizen Information Center

It's back-to-school time and your child might be feeling anxious about starting school. Every child has the power to succeed in school and in life and you can help. Helping Your Child Succeed in School provides information, tools and activities you can use at home to help your child develop the skills critical to academic success.

For additional back-to-school resources, read FCIC's Consumer Focus. You'll get great tips on:

- Top 5 Causes of Missed School
- Check-Ups and Immunizations
- Healthy Sleep
- Nutrition Points
- Get Moving
- Travel to and from School
- Backpack Safety
- and more!

Talking about school, do you know about these potential sources for helping to finance your education?

Federal Financial Aid

The Student Guide -
Stafford Loans -

Military Service Specific Financial Aid





Other Financial Aid Resources

Loan Forgiveness and Teacher Scholarship Programs

Joanne Holbrook Patton Spouse Scholarship Program

Thanks USA Scholarship

More Military Friendly Deals

Songs for The Military Family

The Perfect Gift any time of the year! Check out for a lovely CD/Booklet Gift that will touch your hearts. A percentage of the sales of The Perfect Gift CD/Booklet Gift will be donated to The Military Family Network to help our families.

FREE 3-Day Retreat Offered to Returning Service Members

Return to Honor is a FREE three-day retreat and decompression weekend designed for service men and women in transition to the home front - whether

it is active duty or civilian life. Program information can be accessed through the Freedoms Foundation at and also at

Operation Troop Appreciation and GI Roses Team Up to Support Armed Forces by Offering $25 Discount

GI Roses, an on-line flower retailer, is offering $10 million dollars in discount flowers to our armed forces. By entering the keyword OTA07 on the site ( when ordering, every buyer will receive a $25 discount on flowers.

Watch Us Grow!

A Special Message from The Military Family Network

The Military Family Network is proud to welcome its newest Neighbor of Choice Business Members! We encourage you to support these military friendly business sponsors:

· RBC Centura
· Express Personnel
· Busch Gardens Williamsburg
· American Realty, LTD.
· Catherine's
· Mini Price Self Storage
· Peninsula Catholic High School
· Canon Group
· Our Lady of Mount Carmel School
· Saint Mary Star of the Sea School
· Picaboo Corporation
· Casey Auto Group
· Armed Services Mutual Benefit Association (ASMBA)
· Advanced Therapeutic Solutions
· Merrill Lynch


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9/11 - Forever Remembered

As the sixth anniversary of September 11 approaches, Americans remember. We remember the horrendous attack that took place on our nation's soil, the attack on our citizens, our government, our freedoms and our way of life. We also pause to remember our country's courage and resolve, our strength and perseverance, our heroes and our military service members and families who serve every day to defend our nation and preserve our liberties. In this spirit of remembrance, Americans across the nation have prepared special tributes and memorials to commemorate and mark this memorable day. A few of them are:

National Days of Prayer and Remembrance, 2007
A Proclamation By the President of the United States of America

During this year's National Days of Prayer and Remembrance, we honor the thousands of victims who died in the brutal and ruthless attacks in New York City, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Our Nation remembers with gratitude the firefighters, police officers, first responders, and ordinary citizens who acted with courage and compassion to save the lives of others, and we pray for the families whose loved ones were taken from them.

Never forgetting that terrible day, we remain determined to bring our enemies to justice, defy the terrorists' ideology of hate, and work to make our world safer. We honor the members of our Armed Forces who died while taking the fight to our adversaries, and we are grateful for those who continue to protect our Nation and our way of life. Their courage, sacrifice, and dedication help preserve our freedom. We pray for their safety, for all those who love them, and for the peace we all seek.

We remain a hopeful America, inspired by the kindness and compassion of our citizens and our commitment to freedom and opportunity. During these days of prayer and remembrance, we reflect on all we have lost and take comfort in each other and in the grace and mercy of our Creator. May God guide us, give us strength and wisdom, and may He continue to bless our great country.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim Friday, September 7, through Sunday, September 9, 2007, as National Days of Prayer and Remembrance. I ask that the people of the United States and their places of worship mark these National Days of Prayer and Remembrance with memorial services, the ringing of bells, and evening candlelight remembrance vigils. I also invite the people of the world to share in these Days of Prayer and Remembrance.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this fourth day of September, in the year of our Lord two thousand seven, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-second.


America Supports You Freedom Walk

The purpose of the America Supports You Freedom Walk is to establish a national tradition to honor the lives lost on September 11, to reflect on our freedoms and the values of our country, and to show our gratitude for our military men and women around the world who commit to protecting our freedom. For more information, visit

Lights On...9/11

On Tuesday, September 11, 2007 everyone in the USA who will be driving a motor vehicle is asked to drive with their headlights on during daylight hours. Though no explanation is needed as to why we are commemorating September 11, we hope more importantly to pay respect to the victims of that day, show our nation's solidarity and show support for our men and women of the Armed Forces.

The Military Family Network urges you to take a moment this September 11 to reflect upon this historic date and to offer prayers and support for all Americans including those lost, their families and our all members of our Armed Forces.

VFW Creates Video to Honor Troops

With the 6th anniversary of September 11th, VFW has created a video o honor our troops. Watch the video: Our Heroes Next Door.

MFN Book Club

Order Now and Save- Your Military Family Network

The Military Family Network and Capitol Books in Washington DC are publishing the Nation's first military family resource guide. This 850-page book will cover all major military support topics from deployment to finding military friendly businesses. It also features a compilation of state and local resources available to military families - for the first time in a comprehensive and easy format.

To order your copy of Your Military Family Network or copies for your organization, please Visit Your Military Family Network online or call 1-866-205-2850 for more information. Military discounts apply.

MFN Military Deals

Glamour Shots in the Southeast Offers Free 8x10 Portraits for Military Families

The Military Family Network has teamed up with Glamour Shots located in the Southeast to provide a free session and 8-by-10-inch portrait to active duty, National Guard, Reserve, and retired service members and their families.

The Military Family Network is a member of America Supports You, a Defense Department program highlighting the way Americans and the corporate sector are supporting the nation's service members.

"As a retired member of our armed forces, I know how important it is to have high quality portraits of our loved ones, for those families who are at home and for our (service members) serving away from home," Al Sciarrino, veteran and owner of Glamour Shots stores in the Southeast, said.

Families can make an appointment at the Glamour Shots stores in Newport News and Richmond, Va., Jacksonville, Fla., Nashville, TN, Augusta and Savannah, Ga., and Bel Air, Al., to have their free portrait taken. Apart from the free 8x10 portraits and special pricing on other packages offered, Glamour Shots offers an ongoing 10% discount to the military on all Glamour Shots services.

"Mr. Sciarrino knows first hand what it is like to be a military family and how special photographs can be to our families," Caroline Peabody, President of the Military Family Network, said. "Our service members are doing their best every day to protect our nation, we are proud of Glamour Shots for giving this wonderful gift ... that will keep giving throughout their lives." Offers Free Discount Coupons and Promotions for More than 1,000 Stores

Continuing its tradition of creating value for the military community, The Military Family Network is excited to be teaming up with which offers military service members, Reserve and Guard, veterans and their families an opportunity to enjoy tremendous savings on various quality retail products and services for less. provides a free, private, no registration shopping experience for bargain hunters, coupon clippers and online shoppers. The website offers online coupon codes, free shipping bargains, printable grocery store coupons and other promotional discounts. is an online shopping network of more than 1,000 stores and websites including favorites like JCPenney, Target, Macy's,, Dell, and eHarmony. More than just a listing of secure and reputable stores, publishes coupons for free shipping, discounts including dollar off and percentage off savings, special Internet-only promotions and exclusive online bargains for these stores.

"You really can pay less if you shop with us first," said founder and president of, Mike Allen. "Our free shipping and coupons savings are perfect for military families who want brand name savings and online shopping convenience."

"We invite our military community to discover the advantages we offer by visiting us today," states Allen.

The founder of, Mike Allen, moderates the Military Deals Forum located at

Free Picaboo Hardbound Photo Books for Military Families

Picaboo (, the free software that makes it simple to create stunning photo books from digital photos, is extending support by offering one free hardbound photo book (worth $29.99), along with other discounts. Active military personnel, veterans and their dependants may redeem the offer by visiting

Forum Focus

Author Patti Correa Announces Second Book in the Works and Wants Your Help

"Hello all,
I have begun writing again. Just like my last book, From a Pebble to a Rock, it will be dedicated to the military spouse. My hope is that this book will be published in early 2008. I have shared this idea for this book over the past few months to many military spouses who now want to be involved in this venture...So ask yourself this question - YOU MIGHT BE A MILITARY SPOUSE IF...and send me your response via email here at I look forward to seeing your sentence, snippet or story in print!"

Business Spotlight

Life Skills Education Serving Training Programs for Over 25 Years

Life Skills Education is an educational publisher of self-help training booklets for military families, educators, and family support program managers. They have been serving training programs in education, business, and government for more than 25 years.

Their website catalogue lists over 200 relevant titles, including "When Service Brings Separation", "Together Again: Planning for a Happy Reunion", "Making More of Your Military Pay", "Military to Civilian: Your Resume and Job Hunt", all found in the Military Life section and more titles like "Relocating", "Volunteer!", "Your Credit Report", all found in the Personal Improvement section.

Subjects include:

- Military Life:

- Relocation:

- Employment (for non-professionals with limited experience):

- Employment (for professionals with experience):

- Parenting:

- Financial Management:

- Alcohol:

- Substance Abuse:

- Domestic Violence

- Youth:


Call Life Skills Education today and experience the quality service that hundreds of government leaders, One Stop Employment Centers and family program managers depend on. We are proud to continue serving the military community as a veteran-owned small business and a registered vendor for more than 25 years to state and Federal government programs.

The company is a sole source manufacturer and distributor and guarantees all quotes as the lowest price available. Bulk discounts as low as .50 each make the booklets very cost-effective. Call for a free quote, samples, or a catalogue. 1-800-783-6743.

Reference The Military Family Network when placing your order and receive FREE shipping up to $100! Code CC0621.

MFN's Preferred Employer AFLAC Offers Unparalleled Career Opportunity

Aflac is a leading provider of insurance sold on a voluntary basis at the worksite in the United States and the largest foreign insurer in Japan.

Insuring more than 40 million people worldwide, Aflac is the principal subsidiary of Aflac Incorporated, an international holding company based in Georgia. At year-end 2003, the corporation's total assets were more than $50 billion, with annual revenues of more than $11.4 billion.

A Fortune 500 company, Aflac is a world leader in guaranteed-renewable insurance, offering policies to employees at more than 313,000 payroll accounts.

In March 2004, Fortune magazine named Aflac to its list of "America's Most Admired Companies" in the life and health insurance industry.


Is the role of independent sales associate right for you? Ask yourself the following questions:
- Are you making the money you deserve to be making?
- Are you tired of working hard for someone else's benefit?
- Are your efforts paying off the way you want -- the way you expect?
- Are you just treading water in your career?

Aflac's business begins with the people who make up our sales force. We now have more than 56,000 licensed independent sales associates and brokers, and our sales force continues to grow.

Our sales associates don't just sell insurance. They listen to customers, help assess their needs, and help them select the appropriate coverages. We continue to develop our products and services in response to customer needs.

At Aflac, we'll give you the opportunity to manage your own time and schedule, in a position with an earning potential of more than $100,000 annually, not including the incentives, stock bonus, and excellent support structure we have in place for our sales associates.

For more information on becoming an independent agent, simply complete an online interest form, view our presentation on Why Aflac Makes Sense, or call 1-800-488-1771. Visit for more information.

Once your application is accepted, you are eligible to participate in our specialized programs for sales associates, including orientation, training, and certifications to ensure that all associates are well versed in Aflac's products and services.

Selling Aflac insurance gives you the freedom to manage yourself and your career, to set your own pace and schedule, and to have the opportunity to earn great commissions. Additionally, sales associates are eligible for many incentives and prizes.

While our sales associates are independent contractors, they are by no means on their own. In addition to our compensation and benefits packages, Aflac provides a wide variety of tools, training, and collateral materials to support our associates.

Visit for more information about why it makes good sense to join Aflac's team!

Outstanding Military Families

Nominate a Deserving Family that You Know
Source: NMFA

Each year the National Military Family Association (NMFA) along with Nestlé USA and the Association of Military Banks of America (AMBA) recognize outstanding military families through NMFA's Family Award program. This year, NMFA is pleased to name a Fort Drum, NY Army family as the NMFA Family of the Year. The Hammond family; SSGT Thomas Hammond, his wife, Abigail; and their four children, Dianna, William, Jessi, and Jacob, were chosen for their family philosophy of "Family First" and for giving back to their community.

SSGT Hammond refers to Abbie as the "ring leader," she works and volunteers with the FRG (Family Readiness Group), AFTB (Army Family Team Building), AFAP (Army Family Action Plan), and the ESC (Enlisted Spouse Club). Dianna and William assist with childcare for the FRG, Jessie volunteers with their church youth group, and Jacob gives swimming lessons. As a Deacon, SSGT Hammond spends much of his free time assisting with duties for their church.

The Hammond family will receive $1,000 and a trip to Washington, DC to be honored at a reception with senior military leaders and NMFA Family Award corporate sponsors. They will also have an opportunity to present $500 to a charity of their choice whose work benefits military families. NMFA, Nestlé USA, and the Association of Military Banks of America congratulate the Hammond family for making the most of the military family lifestyle.

To find more information about NMFA, the NMFA Family Award program or to nominate a family you know for the NMFA Family Award, visit

Community Connections Update

MFN Volunteer in Hampton Virginia Receives Presidential Recognition

Presidents Volunteer AwardPeggy Mertz, Military Family Network Volunteer, Hampton Roads Remote and Waiting Spouse Leader and member of the City of Hampton's Military Affairs Committee was awarded the President's Lifetime Volunteer Service Award for serving over 9,000 hours in support of military families. She was also commended by a proclamation from the City of Hampton presented by Mayor Ross Kearney, Councilwoman Angela Leary and other members of the City's council.

Peggy volunteers with The Military Family Network and military support organizations like the USO, Red Cross and many others. She is tireless in her support and always seeks opportunities to grow community support and collaboration in making existing programs do the most good.

Luis Trevino, Vice President of Media and Communications with The Military Family Network presented Peggy with the Presidential Lifetime Volunteer Service Award in August. The beautifully framed award included a letter from the President and a number of gold, silver and bronze pins to celebrate and recognize her work.