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DITY Moves:

The Do-It-Yourself Move program is an alternative means for soldiers to move their household goods during a permanent-change-of-station move. The traditional means of moving household goods might seem appealing because of its ease, but soldiers can't come out ahead financially by having the government move them. When done right, soldiers stand to save the government money and make a profit through the DITY Move Program.

DITY Move Advantages:

  • You don't have to wait for a moving company to move your household goods.
  • You have complete control over your household goods during the move.
  • You can use your household goods immediately available at the new duty station.
  • The government will pay you an incentive of 95 percent of what it would have to pay for a commercial move.
Your Responsibilities:
  • Obtain the necessary equipment, materials and vehicles to safely transport your property.
  • Locate weight scales to obtain certified empty/loaded weights.
  • Maintain receipts and records of expenses.
  • Submit a settlement claim within 45 days after the start of the move.
What You Need to Know:
  • The Personal Property Office MUST approve a DITY move.
  • Actual moving costs that exceed the cost the government would have spent are at your expense.
  • The most important step is accurately estimating the weight to be moved.
  • You must obtain a certified weight ticket for the empty weight of the vehicle and after the vehicle is loaded.
  • Privately owned vehicles are not included in the weight of the household goods.
  • You are authorized an advance operating allowance of up to 60 percent of what it would cost the government to move your goods.
  • The costs you incur to perform the DITY move are not taxable.
  • The vehicle used to perform the DITY move must be approved by the Personal Property Office.
  • If using a trailer, check your insurance policy to ensure proper coverage in case of loss or damage.
  • Additional insurance is not reimbursable.
Final Settlement:
  • Final settlement is based on the actual weight moved.
  • Your actual costs are deducted from 95 percent of what it would have cost the government to move your goods.
  • The remaining amount is your financial profit, less applicable federal and state taxes.
  • Incentive payment estimates provided at the time of counseling are estimates only.
Special Note:
  • If a settlement claim is not made with 45 days of the start of your move, action will be taken to recoup any advance operating allowance from your pay.




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