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Why MFN BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP is good for Business

Supporting Military Families

What Military Families are asking for

Neighbor of Choice™ Network Member Benefits…

  • Gain access to military families
  • Attract and generate new business
  • Build and maintain reputation as a military friendly business
  • Increase visibility of services provided to the military community
  • Recognition as a preferred organization offering dependable service year after year
  • Provides businesses opportunity to offer the most up-to-date information and savings
  • Supports free access to comprehensive community resources
  • Assists internal quality control management process through network's referral system.

Five facts about Military Families and why Network Membership is GOOD FOR BUSINESS:

  • Internet Availability: 92.8%
  • Made Internet Purchase: 66.5%
  • Move each year: 33%
  • Online military stores generated over $57 million in sales in 2001.
  • Military families represent over 4% of US population

Becomimg a “NEIGHBOR OF CHOICE” will connect Your Organization with Military Families around the world.

American Flag                 NETWORK MEMBERSHIP

By joining The Military Family Network information and referral network, businesses and organizations have the opportunity to participate and invest in the well being of military members and their families.

BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP promotes goodwill and recognition within the community.

Through your support, access toThe Military Family Network is free for military members, their families and our community.

In a network poll of over 1000 military families representing all services…

What Military Families
are asking for…
How The Military Family Network
Answers the Call…
A way to learn about local businesses offering quality service to military families Quality connections to quality businesses through “Neighbor of Choice” Business Network listings and referral program
Centralized access to community and installation information “One Stop Shopping” for information military families say they need most
Same place to go for information at every community- finding information that is current and relevant Standard format across communities- information is in the same place every time, kept up-to-date by local editors.
Resources for families and children National and local channels about family resources
Information about employment opportunities Access to local and national employment resources




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