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Assistance/Support Organizations

Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs
This site is dedicated to today's Reserve force. It provides information about the policies, programs, and initiatives that OSD/Reserve Affairs manages for the National Guard and Reserve Components of the United States Armed Forces. This includes family support/readiness issues.


GovBenefits.gov helps citizens access government benefit eligibility information through a free, confidential, and easy-to-use online screening tool. After answering some basic questions, the user receives a customized report listing the benefit programs for which the user, or person for whom he or she is entering information, may be eligible.


The “So Far” Guide for Helping Children and Youth Cope with the Deployment of a Parent in the Milit
Children whose parents are in the military reserves face special challenges related to deployment of their parent. While the feelings they experience are in some ways much like those of other children who become separated from a parent,they also confront obstacles that are unique to their situation.


National Guard Youth Online Community: Activities for all Ages including Deployment Guides

Personal & Family Readiness Toolkit
The Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs has developed this family readiness toolkit as an organizational guide to benefit you and your family. The military is a challenging and enriching profession. Guard and Reserve members make up half of the Total Force and are called to serve with active duty troops in a variety of contingencies and military operations in support of U.S. security interests. Personal preparation to deploy in support of contingency operations is vital.

Welcome to the Personal & Family Readiness Toolkit!

Service Member Deployment Checklist
The contents of this Toolkit have been developed to assist you in your efforts to support family readiness. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided is current and accurate. However, because statutory and regulatory changes may have occurred since the publication of this Toolkit, the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs cannot assume responsibility for its continued accuracy. Before taking any significant action based on the contents of this Toolkit, you should contact your Family Readiness Program representative or legal officer, as appropriate, to secure the most current information.

Employment/Vocational Training

Transition Assistance Guide for Demobilizing Members of the Guard and
This guide, a product of the Transition Assistance Program (TAP), provides information on the many services and benefits available to you. You are provided information that will provide you with options, and help you make informed decision about the choices for you and your family.
Special transition benefits information, employment workshops, automated employment job-hunting tools and job banks, veteran benefits information, disabled veterans benefits information and many other types of transition and other related information is available to you. AND IT'S ALL FREE. Take full advantage of TAP and all it has to offer.

Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)
Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) is a Department of Defense organization. It is a staff group within the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs (OASD/RA), which is in itself a part of the Office of the Secretary of Defense. In this environment, civilian employers play a critical role in the defense of the nation by complying with existing employment laws protecting the rights of workers who serve in the Reserve component.

Family Programs

How Communities Can Support the Children and Families of Those Serving in the National Guard and Res
A guide showing communities and community members how to support members of the Reserve and National Guard and their families.

National Guard Bureau-Family Program
Welcome to the National Guard Bureau-Family Program website! Our goal is to make this website your “one-stop shop” to find information on programs, benefits, resources and more.

American Red Cross : Reserves and National Guard
The American Red Cross wants members of the National Guard, Reserves and other community-based military personnel to get to know us before you need us. All too often, members of the Reserves and National Guard don't know about available Red Cross services until they are mobilized. Knowing in advance that communication links, access to financial assistance and counseling will be available in an emergency brings peace of mind to the military and to the families from whom they are separated. Similarly, knowing that Red Cross services are available to inactive service members and their family members provides a safety net in times of need.

Army Reserve Family Program
This site provides information on family programs and support, mobilization and readiness,tools,handbooks,news and more.

National Guard Online Community
Your “one-stop shop” to find information on programs, benefits, resources and more.Learn about Family Readiness, Program Services and Plans and Operations. Family Readiness takes a look at the six-step Family Program model that keeps you informed and involved about your benefits as a serving family. Program Services provides an overview of the various programs that the Family Program covers; Family, Youth and Community Outreach initiatives. Plans and Operations will provide you access to national-level calendar events and provides some administrative documents that you might find useful in working within the Family Program.

There are many services available to family members of the Army National Guard once their loved one becomes activated. Please check out the programs on this web site and take advantage of all of the services you're eligible for.

Navy Reserve
The mission of the U.S. Navy Reserve Force is to provide mission-capable units and individuals to the Navy, Marine Corps Team throughout the full range of operations from peace to war.

Military OneSource
Whether its help with child care, personal finances, emotional support during deployments, relocation information, or resources needed for special circumstances, Military OneSource is there for military personnel and their families... 24/7/365!


TRICARE - National Guard and Reserve Members and Their Families
Members of the National Guard and Reserve and their family members are eligible for different TRICARE benefits depending on their status.

TRICARE Reserve Select
The TRICARE Reserve Select health plan may be available to you and your family members after your release from active duty. Your active duty service must have been in support of a contingency operation on or after September 11, 2001 (9/11). Such contingency operations include, for example, Operations Enduring Freedom, Noble Eagle, and Iraqi Freedom. Working with your Reserve Component*, you will need to agree to stay in the Selected Reserve for one or more whole years.
TRICARE Reserve Select offers comprehensive health coverage similar to TRICARE Standard and TRICARE Extra. You will access care from any TRICARE-authorized provider, hospital, or pharmacy—TRICARE network or non-network. You may access care from a military treatment facility (MTF) on a space-available basis only. Pharmacy coverage is available from any MTF pharmacy, through the TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy (TMOP), and from TRICARE network and non-network retail pharmacies.

Dental Care for National Guard and Reserve
TRICARE provides several dental options to meet the needs of its beneficiary population.

Pay and Benefits

GovLoans.gov is your gateway to Federal loan information, brought to you through a partnership between Federal agencies and GovBenefits.gov; the official government benefits website

myPay allows military personnel financial management of pay information, leave and earnings statements, W-2's and more.

Army Reserve Pay Inquiries
Information on How to Resolve Pay Problems

Army National Guard Pay Inquiries
Information on How to Resolve Pay Problems

Taking care of America's Armed Force Families: A Guide for National Guard and Reserve Families
Since September 11th 2001, the Global War on Terrorism and its many subsequent operations have altered our lives and challenged our abilities to cope with the uncertainties of local, regional and overseas deployments. If you have a husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, brother or sister serving in the National Guard or Reserve, this booklet has been designed with you in mind. Whether your loved one is supporting a military operation overseas, performing security or other duty in a local or regional location, or performing training at the local armory or reserve center, you may face many challenges during these periods of active military service. Because of the geographic dispersion of many Guard and Reserve families, it is often more difficult to obtain information about benefits and in some cases to use them. It also may be more difficult to access various support services that are normally available at active duty installations. Although primarily designated to answer the questions a spouse may have, this guide provides a valuable resource to all family members who may have questions about these entitlements and benefits or simply need to know who to contact for assistance.

Knowing your benefits and how to access them is the most critical element of Family Readiness.

Hardship Policies
Hardship Duty Pay Missions (HDP-M) is paid for specific missions. It is payable to both officers and enlisted personnel of the active and reserve component, at the full monthly rate whenever any part of the month is served fulfilling a specific mission.
HDP for location assignments (HDP-L) is payable to officers and enlisted personnel in a designated area for over 30 days and terminates upon permanent departure from the area. There are two types of HDP-L:

  • HDP-L for designated areas (HDP-L(DA))
  • HDP-L for certain places (HDP-L(CP)); this was terminated December 31, 2001, and only serves as a savings provision for members who have never left those areas since termination.

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)
BAH is an allowance to offset the cost of housing when you do not receive government-provided housing. Your BAH depends upon your location, pay grade and whether you have dependents. BAH rates are set by surveying the cost of rental properties in each geographic location. The rates are established such that members in each pay grade, independent of location, pay approximately the same out-of-pocket costs. Therefore, BAH rates in high-cost areas will be much greater than those in low-cost areas.

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) FAQs
Have some questions about BAH? Check here!

Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS)
BAS is meant to offset costs for a member's meals. This allowance is based in the historic origins of the military in which the military provided room and board (or rations) as part of a member's pay. This allowance is not intended to offset the costs of meals for family members.

Defense Finance and Accounting Service
DFAS provides information on military entitlements, as well as general information on pay rates, per diem, taxes, etc.

Per Diem Rates
A direct link to the Department of Defense Per Diem, Travel, and Transportation Allowance Committee website.

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Rates
BAH is based on geographic duty location, pay grade, and dependency status. The intent of BAH is to provide uniformed service members with permanent duty within the 50 United States accurate and equitable housing compensation based on housing costs in local civilian housing markets, and is payable when government quarters are not provided. The 2008 BAH Rates ARE NOW available.

2008 Pay Tables

Rates & Allowances

CONUS Cost of Living Allowances (COLA)
As a requirement of their Service, members of the Uniformed Services move about the country. During their careers, members are likely to be assigned to a variety of low, moderate, and high-cost locations. Private sector pay scales tend to reflect local living costs in U.S. locations, but military pay tables do not.
In the FY 1995 National Defense Authorization Act, Congress approved the CONUS Cost-of-living Allowance (CONUS COLA), to provide compensation for variations in non-housing costs in the continental United States.

Overseas Cost of Living Allowances
The Overseas Cost of Living Allowance is a supplement designed to equalize purchasing power between members overseas and their CONUS-based counterparts.

Your State's Military Support

State & Territorial Support for the National Guard, Reserves and Families
An excellent resource provided by The National Governors Association listing state-by-state programs and benefits on matters dealing with education, taxes, family support, finances,licensing,registrations and protections, recognitions and employment support, etc. A must see!




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