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When it comes to your child's education, you have options.

As a military family, moving at any time—even during the school year—is all too common. Each PCS, TDY, and deployment can disrupt your child's learning. An online education at a K12-powered school gives military children in grades K–12 personalized learning with the consistency of certified-teacher support, a quality curriculum, and a strong school community.

Hope Means and Her Daughter Mari

Hope Means and her family have experienced K12's benefits firsthand. Her daughter, Mari, is a seventh grader at Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy (OVCA), a K12-powered school.

According to Hope, whose husband is a reservist, "I came across the K12 program ... and I just fell in love. Mari's learning the things that she needs to be learning at the pace at which she should be learning. K12 has given me so much more peace of mind as far as her education."*

With K12, families can choose from tuition-free online public schools (offered in 33 states)** and tuition-based online private schools (available worldwide).Each option allows students to earn an accredited high school diploma upon graduation.


Each of our schools use the same K12 courses, which can be accessed anywhere there's an internet connection. So no matter how often you move, your kids don't have to miss a beat in their education.

Anna Rouse and Her Son Ari

For the Rouses, an active duty military family, the curriculum's consistency and portability are huge benefits. "It's easy to take the curriculum from one place to another so you don't have as much of a disruption in learning for your child when you have to move," says Anna, whose son, Ari, is a third grader at OVCA.*


While students must meet weekly goals and attend scheduled online class sessions, K12 offers a level of scheduling flexibility not found in traditional public schools.

For Mari, who deals with medical issues, flexibility in scheduling is important because it means she's able to rearrange her day in order to go to doctor's appointments without falling behind in her lessons.

Flexibility in pace of learning, particularly in grades K–5, is also a benefit. With K12's curriculum, students can determine how much time is necessary to spend on each day's lessons. They are free to move ahead in their studies when they're ready and to take more time with challenging concepts.

Being able to work ahead has helped ignite Ari's excitement about learning. "Some days he's doing math and science where he does five or six lessons in math all at once, but he really gets to immerse himself in it. … It really helps him love the learning, which makes getting the work done easier," says Anna.


K12-powered schools come with the structure, oversight, and accountability associated with brick-and-mortar schools—including administrator, counselor, and state-certified teacher support.

Specifically trained in online instruction, our teachers monitor student progress, run web-based classes, hold online office hours, and are available by phone, chat, and email to answer any questions you or your student might have.

"There is never a time that I can think of where I needed any help or support that they weren't available," says Hope.

As your child's Learning Coach, you'll also have access to resources such as teaching guides, suggested schedules, complete lesson plans, and opportunities to network with other parents.


For military children, having a strong school community is especially important. Students in K12-powered schools can explore their interests and develop friendships through virtual clubs and competitions such as science fairs, art contests, and much more. Many schools offer school-sponsored trips, clubs, and extracurricular activities to help get students engaged in their communities and with each other.


K12-powered schools must meet the same requirements as brick-and-mortar schools. Our students take the same state standardized tests as their traditional-school counterparts, and our graduates attend some of the top U.S. colleges and universities.

A rigorous, well-rounded curriculum is the key to preparing students for a successful future. Anna likes K12's curriculum because "it's not just language arts and math. They have science, they have history, they have state history, and they have electives—world language, arts, music." And many of our schools allow eligible high school students to get ahead by taking honors and AP® courses and earning college credits on select courses.

In short, K12-powered schools can offer military students the consistency and support they need to set them on a successful path.

Visit K12.com/network or call 855.900.9142 to learn more.


No implied federal or DoD endorsement.

*Statements reflect these military families' experiences at their school.

**To attend a K12 powered public school, you must reside in a state that has a K12 online public school. Families do not pay tuition for a student to attend an online public school. Common household items and office supplies like printer ink and paper are not provided. Our enrollment consultants can help address your technological and computer questions and needs.

K12 is under a territorial non-compete agreement with another company that precludes us from enrolling students or shipping materials to students in the countries listed below while that company has territorial exclusivity. You can learn more about options in your area at icademymiddleeast.com.

  • Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

In addition, at this time, the United States has an embargo on the provision of certain products and services in the countries listed below that encompasses those provided by K12. As such, K12 is prohibited from entering into transactions with residents or resident companies.

  • Western Balkans, Belarus, Central Africa, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe


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